King Dough will bring a Pizza Party to you! We cater special events; birthdays, weddings, rehearsal dinners, graduations, etc. We arrive with a wood-fired mobile oven, hand-crafting pizzas right in front of you, and keep making pizzas until you say, “Enough!”. We cater to special diets including vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and even Shabbat meals! 

We provide plates, napkins, eating & serving utensils, and of course the food. We need you to provide space for a pizza buffet (at least one table), along with information on allergies and food restrictions for any of your guests. 

Typical minimum group size for Pizza Parties start at 35 people. Order minimums start at $2000, which affords approx. 40 pizzas PLUS a $350-$400 spend from the menu of additional catering options below. We will help you build a menu that best suits your tastes. Your pizza options will always include Cheese, Margherita, & Pepperoni in addition to two (2) selections from our speciality pizza’s listed below. 

Cost Breakdown (for minimum group of 35):


Mobile Oven + Wood


Pizzas (approx 40)

Catering Items Budget of $350-$400

Coordination Fee

Total: $2000

**parties exceeding 40 people require 1 additional server per extra 30 guests at a rate of $150 per server**

**total cost increases with group size, usually at a rate of about $25 per person**

King Dough Pizza Parties are one of the most fun, memorable, and awesome experiences you can provide your guests. Please contact us today at to get this (your) party started!